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Discover how power quality and uptime impact your business.

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What is Power Quality?

It may be more than you think

The power goes out, the lights flicker or lightning strikes. Outages, sags and catastrophic surges represent 10% of system downtime, these pose a real and significant source of downtime for your business or your customers.

A lightning strike, even an indirect hit can cause catastrophic damage to expensive equipment throughout a facility.

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90% of electrical downtime comes from within the building.

Power outages are infrequent compared to disturbances such as noise, spikes, and common-mode voltage. That refrigerator on the other side of the wall from your expensive device, that press down in the shop, those are all causing problems within the buildings electrical infrastructure. These problems can be seen in every facility.

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So what’s the effect?

Again, it may be more than you think

Like all great things: it depends. Communication and connectivity issues, lock ups, that blue screen of death, and eventually… catastrophic failure. High frequency transients have a way of causing many different problems that are most often never attributed to power.

Software and hardware engineers get the blame but in reality, the quality was there when the product was shipped. It was the electricity powering the device that caused it.

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Right now, thousands of replacement parts are flying across the country. Hundreds of customer service technicians are hoping this is the part that will finally solve the customer’s problem.

These issues and the resulting downtime results in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity and production. Not to mention the peeved customers.

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What can you do about it?

This one is easier than you think

The remedy must create a new ground source and must create a physical copper break in the incoming electricity.

A low impedance isolation transformer is the only National Electric Code approved method of completing these tasks. We happen to be experts at diagnosing and treating these problems at the source. Backed by dozens of case studies in most every industry, our customers reduce service calls by 30%. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.

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By combining a UPS and an isolation transformer, your device is fully protected from 99.9% of power issues.

The proof is in the numbers. We understand that reducing service spend by 30%+ with a single box is tough to believe. We prove it to you. We’ll provide a statistically significant number of units for you to field trial with your customers. If the proof is in the numbers, we talk more. If not, we shake hands and part as friends. Easy breezy.


How can we help?

Let’s get to the root of the problem. The first step starts with some digging.

  • Analyze

    We look deep into your device, the environment in which it is typically installed and the types of failures you typically experience.

  • Cook up a product

    Whether you just need a conditioner or a UPS + Conditioner, we've got you covered. Need to implement installation too? We do that too.

  • We ship results

    Whether you're white labeling a power protection system or just assisting your customers, we can figure out the best way for you to go to market.

Drop us a line.

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