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LiFEPO4 Primary Power

Critical power applications demand quality and reliability at scale. We’ve tested and analyzed dozens of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to find one we were willing to put our name behind. With stringent cell balancing procedures and the highest amp hour rating in a U1 size, we believe this is the next big thing in WoW cart batteries.

Primary Power

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UPS Protection

90% of electrical downtime comes from within the building.These issues and the resulting downtime results in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity and production. Not to mention the peeved customers. Voltonix has 20 years of experience fighting these issues and permanently protecting equipment installation sites.

Representing Quality: It's Our Job

We find, test and analyze the best power quality products on the market with our comprehensive 13 point evaluation process. We look at everything from common mode and normal mode noise to the manufacturing process of the suppliers. Identifying top performers in the power space allows us to provide value to our OEM partners. 

Modern Technology

The largest amp hour capacity matched with the largest individual LiFEPO4 cells on the market gives us the most powerful U1 battery available.

True Power Quality

With a standard warranty for which most suppliers charge a premium, a LiFEPO4 battery that will match the lifecycle of your medcart.

Deliverable Capabilities

The exceptional testing procedures ensure perfect cell balancing even at scale; even for medical cart OEMs needing thousands.