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Your project is ready and implementation is about to start…

  • How do you ensure the install schedule is met when working with 3rd party electricians and technicians?
  • How do you ensure the site will operate reliably and not require revisits and service calls?
  • How does the end user save time and money?

Have a One Off Site Issue?


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Each site is unique and requires customized infrastructure and a tailored installation approach. OEMs and National Chains are at the mercy of contractors who the end user hired. Voltonix reviews facility CAD drawings and designs a layout to optimize electrical infrastructure and workflow.

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With a single point of contact at Voltonix, you will be free from the burden of wrangling contractors and holding them accountable from afar. Our internal project managers lead our nationwide team of electricians and contractors to ensure quality control and handle the designing, permitting and scheduling of sites. Most important, you get answers and results with a single phone call.

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Every inch of your customer's space needs to be utilized. Voltonix saves precious floor space, while reducing BTUs, through the implementation of a centralized power protection UPS and the use of custom raceways to distribute power. CAPEX is saved on the install while OPEX is realized from a reduction in continuous maintenance costs.

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CAPEX Cost Reduction:

  • Fewer Total Installed Circuits
  • Central UPS vs. Multiple Individual UPSs
  • Expert Installer Efficiency - Fewer Man Hours

OPEX Cost Reduction:

  • Reduced HVAC costs
  • Reduced Battery Replacements and UPS PMs
  • Additional Floor Space Available

Voltonix’s overall engagement and willingness to go above and beyond on behalf of the client is simply unmatched.

Program Executive

Voltonix has a high level of technical knowledge and they are easy to do business with.

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