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Lab Installation Preparation Services

Voltonix supports global OEMs by providing turnkey infrastructure for laboratory installations.

Labs are cluttered with power poles and extension cords reducing productivity, adding costs and creating hazards:
Install sites are often incomplete or incorrect when start-up crews arrive delaying revenue and adding costs:
Each lab is unique and requires a tailored approach. OEMs are at the mercy of contractors the end user hired:
Equipment is often left unprotected leading to unexpected downtime and reduced productivity:


Example From The Field

For years this Large Clinical Diagnostic OEM was sending expensive device start-up technicians to sites that were supposedly ready for equipment only to find they were very much not. Despite being assured by the facility that the pre-installation checklist had been completed, the sites were rife with problems, inconsistent from site to site, and poorly planned out. Voltonix helped the OEM implement a part number for preinstallation that guaranteed that the each site had the electrical, data and critical infrastructure in place before the start-up technicians ever boarded a plane.