Voltonix Welcomes Ryan Huffman

Westerville, Ohio – Voltonix is pleased to announce that Ryan Huffman has joined the executive team as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. Ryan has an extensive background in leading customer facing organizations where success was contingent on developing long-term strategic relationships. Ryan is the past Chair of the Ohio Grocer Association where he helped implement industry best practices at the c-suite level and programs to identify and promote industry leaders. Ryan recognizes what it takes to understand customer expectations and work with employees, suppliers and partners to ensure key initiatives are executed and delivered. He also has had hands-on P&L responsibility, which will help him apply our data driven ROI strategies to Voltonix partners. With Ryan, Voltonix will be better equipped to help our strategic business partners understand and implement the powerful Artificial Intelligence applications in our portfolio.

Ryan is enthusiastic, he said, “Voltonix is bringing some really disruptive technologies to well-established markets that are ripe for innovation; I’m excited to be a part of that.” The CEO of Voltonix, Craig Kalie, is excited too, noting, “Our customers have been asking us for a better way to forecast maintenance or predict in-store device failures; with Ryan’s experience with compressor, kiosk, POS and IT maintenance challenges, we will be able to better help them respond to and tackle those challenges.”

Interested in learning more about how predictive analytics is going to change the grocery and quick serve markets? Give Ryan a shout

Voltonix – CUSI – One Became Two

Here We Grow Again


What Happened?

We are excited to announce that Customized Uptime Solutions, Inc. split into two separate entities in 2018 to create a clear distinction between its lines of business. The new entities are CUSITech LLC, at www.cusitech.com and Voltonix LLC, already active here. Both companies will continue to operate out of the headquarters in Westerville, OH.

What’s Different now?

CUSITech provides national onsite electric, structured cabling and smart hands support to help companies achieve smooth implementation on a broad geographic scale. CUSITech provides its services to companies that need a simple new electric or data circuit to very complex projects that require trenching, boring, 1,000’ of feet of conduit and major system upgrades. It also provides turnkey installation services for applications that require electrical and structured cabling infrastructure as part of the installation such as HVLS fans, kiosks, dock and door as well as electric car charging stations. CUSITech helps streamline reliability, simplify complexity and provides single point accountability. It is the trusted national partner providing consistent onsite site prep services.

Voltonix LLC provides power quality consulting and hardware and software technology to reduce electro-mechanical equipment downtime. Voltonix provides its services to companies that manufacture and/or service equipment such as medical devices, lab instrumentation, 3D printers, POS systems, ATMs, kiosks, heavy industrial presses and lasers and medical imaging equipment. The proven process and patented technology is paramount in reducing service spend and helping customers increase revenue. The return of investment is less than 90 days in most applications.

What does Voltonix Stand For?

Power is complicated. It’s a major variable that has qualitative and quantitive effects on our customers and partners. Our first goal is to make sure our products and services are effective. Our field trial process makes this free and painless. One of our customers once told us “In god we trust, all others must bring data”. Our goal is to create demonstrable results so that our partners can calculate exactly what our products will save in reduced service costs. We believe in optimizing uptime and empowering reliability.

What will Change to You?

In short, our email signatures and our website. Our team will work with the contract administration departments over the next 8 weeks to update all of the important documentation such as Supplier Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements. Give Craig, Ken or Andy a call or email if you have any questions.